Backstreet Boys – Everyone | everyone

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Backstreet Boys – Everyone|

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Backstreet Boys – Everyone

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Enjoy this song i like!
No sé si les pasó lo mismo que a mi? Esta cancion fue una de las mejores de los backstreetboys para mi, y no le hicieron tanta publicidad.. de echo yo la busqué por youtube y no la encontraba y decía.. WTF?! haha y fue así como decidí subirla porque es una gran cancion y merece estar en utube 🙂 saludos a todos.

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Backstreet Boys – Everyone


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49 thoughts on “Backstreet Boys – Everyone | everyone”

  1. The first albums I ever bought with my own money were Black and Blue and the Britney Spears album. I wore them OUT but this was one of my favorites. I never went to their concert, but this song always made me feel like I was there

  2. One of BSB's essential fans' songs. Thanking their fans for sticking by them.
    0:17 "We've been through days of thunder"
    1:13 "We've been inside the circus" referring to their legal battle with their ex-con manager/creator, Lou Pearlman, who made one of the largest U.S. public ponzi scheme. BSB were in amidst of lawsuit while making Millennium album then decided to settled were they had to individual pay him out to get out of that ridiculous contract they first signed, so they wouldn't spend years fighting in court. Black & Blue album was after they were free. BSB were ripped off like many boybands groups Lou had created like N'Sync, LFO, O-town, Aaron Carter, Take5, etc. Lance Bass from N'Sync made a great documentary on YouTube called "The Boyband Con: The Lou Pearlman's Story" and BSB made a documentary, "Show 'em What You're Made Of" (2015) talking a bit about it.

    KTBSPA! ✊💖
    (Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive!)

  3. Sigo sin entender porque esta canción no tuvo un video si fue tan buena como the call, shape of my heart and more than that 🤦🏻‍♂️ pero la grité a todo pulmón cuando salieron 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  4. Comienza la cancíón y mi cuerpo se estremece,solo oirla me trasporta a ese show donde tan feliz fui…Los Amo desde mis 13 años hoy tengo 37…y jamas deje de escucharlos!


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